What’s your MOQ? 

As low as 30pcs, it is only a matter of pricing. The lower the quantity, the higher the price would be.

Can you give me pricing examples?

Approximate price based on 30pc:
-print tee USD15

Are you able to advise on fabrics and source them?

Yes we can source fabrics and sub-materials as close as what clients request.
It would be ideal that we can be provided physical/actual samples for references. e.g. if you come across a piece of clothing with details or materials that you are absolutely fond of, it is always easier for us to follow if you could send us this particular piece of clothing.

Can you let me know what sort of clothing brands you are working or worked with?


What is your average lead time on manufacturing?

It all depends on the complexity of the styles and the order size.
sampling 1 to 2 weeks
production 21-30 days

What specs would we need in order to start the manufacturing process?

Tech packs
Size spec
CAD drawings
physical samples (highly recommend), for cutting structure and fabric handfeel

How is the shipping/logistic cost being charged?

Clients have to bare the shipping cost. We are working closely with one logistic agent in China. However, we will have to claim for any shipping charges cost in the final invoice.

What are the payment terms for samples and bulk order?

If clients are satisfied with all samples then we will move onto bulk production with the agreed order quantity. 50% deposit of the invoice issued has to be settled prior production, the remaining 50% can be settled 7 days after recipient of goods.
if bulk order is not placed/confirmed, we will have to charge for all samples made which includes below cost:
-pattern making
-consultation cost
-sample courier fee
if bulk order is place but with order quantity less then 50pc/style, we will have to charge 2 x the agreed per unit price of bulk production. e.g. a mutually agreed bulk price per piece is USD10 then sample per piece charges USD10 x 2 = USD20

Do we provide design consultation?

We provide neither design services nor design consultation, hence please send us your designs or best with technical drawings. However, we will suggest on what manufacturing techniques along with your designs.

Do we provide main tags, swing tags, care label?

Yes we have this outsourced. However, please bear in mind that they do have MOQ of around 1000pc each item. In other words, if the order qty is small, clients will still have to bare the cost of a qty of 1000pcs of main tags, swing tags, care labels, etc.

Can we produce samples base on clients’ design drafts?

Yes it is possible but there will be certainly large amount of inevitable errors. So we highly recommend clients to provide us as much information as they can.