The word ‘fashion’ has been changing its context since many eras. From following the trends to setting them up, from copying models to bringing customization, we can say that this word has captured the attention of every human on the planet. Whenever we talk about fashion, it doesn’t refer to a person’s clothing style solely. Its scope goes beyond boundaries and can include shoes, accessories or even how you style your hair and do your makeup.

If you go through a dictionary or search the meaning of “fashion” you will be astounded to see hundreds of different explanations and that’s what fashion is. The change and customization that people encounter over time and how they express it through their physical appearances. Some people say that fashion means to be comfortable in the style that you’re carrying. Some say that it means to follow the trend and keep yourself up to date with the modern styles of the industry.


High fashion companies have been making trends and painting fashion appearances in different styles. Apparel Manufacturers have helped brands to accomplish their goals and fulfill the audience’s demand. Most of the branded items are one-of-a-kind, suitable for daily wear, and allow the common person to flaunt them. However, the themes of those styles are mostly imitated or reconstructed by High-quality clothing manufacturers who turn them into the versions that are more appropriate and reasonable for most of the individuals.


Celebrities have also played a vital role in setting trends and deciding fashion styles. Currently, we are exposed to celebrities whenever we open up a magazine, turn on the TV, surf the web, or even go through the ads or billboards on our daily routes; thus it’s no surprise that they play such an enormous role in fashion. A celebrity can wear any simple item and sooner or later, you will see versions of it in stores and on the streets. Designers like to use major stars to plug their brands. This makes the general public response to the designers’ lines and encourages them to buy the things that they can easily afford or not.


With the changing fashions and peoples’ choice, the Apparel Manufacturing Companies are being directly influenced. Keeping care of people’s current demand and on-going trends in the vital responsibility of every Apparel Manufacturer. In other words, we can say that it has become a necessity for every well-known brand to manufacture clothes according to the trends and desires of society.

Apparel Manufacturers have been working on providing the latest designs to their customers for a long time. The styles of clothing companies go through different changes, all the time. For Instance, in 2000s bell-bottom jeans came into extreme fashion and every garment factory started designing them. Every private label clothing in the market used to sell them and they were on the top displays. But as time passed, in 2009-2010, skinny jeans came into trends. And within a few days, the displays of shops started to look different. That’s how the Garment Manufacturing Factories work.

Some people can like new trends and a few could dislike it too. One of the good things regarding fashion is that it’s fully okay to interrupt the principles and break the rules. Society popularizes the trends which come from fashion homes, celebrities, and media retailers. However, if you don’t like what everybody else is carrying, you don’t have to be compelled to dress like that. There are basic dress codes that folks in every culture follow, but even if you break them off, nothing will be declared wrong.


At first, only a few people dared to jump into the fashion pool. But as time passed, millions of people started their fashion brands and made their outlets. And the basic need for every fashion brand was a trusted and worthy Garment Manufacturing Company. From small quantity cloth manufacturers to large quantity cloth manufacturers and from custom clothing manufacturers to Low MOQ clothing manufacturers everyone started to benefit themselves from the increasing demand for fashionable clothes.

But, everything is not as easy as it sounds. Getting a manufacturer of your choice for the brand is not a cup of cake. Some people do not have enough experience, while some have high MOQs. Some of them do not provide appreciable items while many of them are charging so much that the brand owners have to compromise on their profits. All these issues have been serving as major problems for every fashion brand especially the startups. So, if you are also confronting any such issue then Styliani can help you to solve them.


We are an emerging private label garment manufacturing factory that has been operating for small to large fashion brands all over the world. Situated in Hong Kong, we are proven to be the most effective clothing manufacturers for brand new startups, and we have an experience of more than twenty years in this business. We can manufacture different types of clothing items such as ladies blouses, shirts for men and women, jackets, jeans, uppers, etc., Ranging from simplest to chic clothing patterns and from formal suiting to casual wear, we can manufacture different sorts of garments for our shoppers. Our work is our passion and we like to explore new prospects of fashion for every person out there!


Our Services include Fabric/Material Sourcing, Sampling, Pattern creating, Sizing, Grading, Marking, Production with shipping etc. We were based on a visionary mission to assist designer’s kick-start their dreams. We know that designers need to check their prototypes when the time is right. That’s why all of our staff is well aware of the ins and outs of fashion.  What is trending? And what’s in demand? Our expert workers can help you in predicting that. Not only we grasp what the customers need, but we propose to them what they might want. We have walked the path of beginning our brands thus we are conscious of the challenges that a fashion brand can encounter at its beginning.

We understand that it’s extremely laborious to outline fashion trends because there is a huge competitive layer that is swinging by rattling the doors of every fashion brand. At Styliani, our designers can give you suggestions about the latest fashion trends, designs, fabrics, and other accessories, so that your items can strike as hits in the market. We understand that it can be someone’s passion that they use fashion blogs and social media to precise their power, or it can be someone’s entire career. Operating within the garment industry is also serving as people’s way of providing food and shelter for themselves or their families. Then for a few people, it can be simply a far off world that is creative and allows people to try and implement the designs produced by their amazing minds. Thus, our talented and experienced team can help every brand or startup who is involved in the fashion industry due to any reason.


There are thousands if not millions of cloth manufacturing companies all around the world but we specialize in helping startups and small businesses. We understand that as a startup, you may need only small quantity cloth manufacturing and you may need to take advice from fashion experts too. You may also need to manufacture different samples of different designs, just to see what results they will give you. Likewise, small businesses may not need to order in bulk quantities. 

Therefore, we do not restrict our customers with any order or quantity limit. Doesn’t matter if you have got a small order of 10pc only, our manufacturers will still be there to assist you and they will provide you with the finest results. We have worthy experience in helping the startups to meddle in the industry. We can help you in starting your commerce sites and making the recognition of your brand.

Moreover, our low MOQ garment manufacturers are well-known by the very fact that even a large fashion brand can need to induce limited quantity for specific items to create distinction. So if you are trying to find “small quantity garment factory” then Styliani is going to be the most effective possibility for you to avail.


Other than little orders, we’ve got nice experience in doing bulk production. Throughout this method, we take special care of product quality and the time frame that you have given us. We’ve got a knowledgeable team and excellent expertise in serving different large clothing brands too. We hear to each of your guidelines fastidiously and make sure that each of your demands is met strictly. Our designers work along with the team for checking each step and detail. We are able to work on your suggested fabric and even if you’re not sure about the appropriate fabric, our team will assist you in taking the most effective decisions. Just in case of any discussion, we’ll look forward to your approval before starting anything.

Serving as custom clothing manufacturers, we are able to do the fabrication of different clothing styles, material and patterns, as per your need or desire. Our knowledgeable designers can draw distinctive and engaging sketches in their planning package for you. So, if you’re attempting to draw in your customers with fascinating styles at your brand outlet, then we can make sure that you achieve your goal by providing the items that can meet your expectations. 

We supply everything by using intelligence. From the fabric of the item to all of the additional accessories such as zippers, buttons, hooks, trims and labels etc., we keep the standard of every single thing maintained. We also tend to fabricate the best accessories on the garments for making them more engaging, beautiful, conspicuous and distinctive. Our knowledgeable designers may also provide you with suggestions regarding different patterns and styles.


Other than this, our services aren’t restricted to brands or startups solely. Anyone can purchase our product or services at a wholesale rate (with the minimum order of 1pc). Our policies are really easy to be met by any person, brand or startup. As mentioned before, we have considerable experience in introducing the startups in the fashion industry by putting in e-commerce sites and fashion retailers for them. Most of the startups confront issues regarding the minimum order, so at our platform, you’ll be able to simply order the product in smaller quantities. 

Our costs are very economical. As compared to the other people in the industry, the costs of our services are cheaper. So, we are here to make you achieve your business goals by saving additional greenbacks. We have 24/7 communication services accessible on our website. You will be able to contact us through totally different mediums such as WhatsApp, We Chat, and Facebook & Instagram. Whenever you have got any question, you’ll contact us. We can assure you that we will be accessible every time, for listening to your issues or problems. We provide our Services/products in every part of the world particularly in Europe (the USA, UK etc.) Our craftsmen have the abilities to modify their ideas and work according to the needs and demands of people present in any specific culture. We have been serving several international customers and we are happy to state that our customers have nice remarks for our services. Throughout shipping, each product is packed sensitively and it’s made certain that no injury happens to any product.


So, if you’re thinking of hiring us, then ask for your samples today. For additional details or information regarding our services and products, you can also visit our website.